Sponsorship and Funding


The Ostpreußisches Landesmuseum (East Prussian Regional Museum) is sponsored by the
East Prussian Cultural Foundation in Ellingen.

This independent public foundation under civil law based in Ansbach also supports the Kulturzentrum Ostpreußen (Cultural Centre East Prussia) in Ellingen/Bavaria.


The museum is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, following a decision by the German Bundestag, and by the federal state of Lower Saxony.


From the Foundation's constitution:
(1) The purpose of the foundation is

  • to preserve and document the history, art and culture of the historic region of East Prussia. It gathers, receives, researches, and takes stock of the East Prussian cultural heritage including library and archive material with the aim to increase awareness and to explain the past and present of this region both nationally and abroad.   
  • to promote research into the history of East Prussia and its people and thus to preserve their knowledge as part of German and European history in the public mind at home and abroad; 
  • to encourage communication and cooperation with the Republic of Poland, the Russian Federation, and Lithuania.

(2) The foundation's mission is to be achieved, inter alia,

  • by sponsoring the "Ostpreußisches Landesmuseum" (East Prussian Regional Museum) in Lüneburg, whose intention is to provide a cohesive and vivid picture of East Prussia as a German cultural landscape with its nature, its people and history, its art scene and intellectual life as well as its customs and economy, and to make it accessible to the public;
  • through close collaboration with similar national and international museums and scientific institutions. In addition to fulfil its role as a museum, it should also act as a cultural forum for the entire area of East Prussia;

In 2010 the constituion was modified to include the culture and history of the German minority in the Baltic areas of modern Lativa and Estonia.


The basis for public benefits is laid down in the German Law on Displaced Ethnic Germans and Refugees (BVFG), particularly in §96.


§ 96 - Maintenance of the cultural heritage of refugees and displaced persons and the promotion of scientific research (BVFG)

Federal and state governments are to preserve the cultural heritage from the displacement regions in the consciousness of displaced persons and refugees, the entire German nation and abroad according to the jurisdiction granted by the German Constitutional Law. They must safeguard, supplement and expand archives, museums and libraries, as well as promote and support establishments for the production of art and education. Governments have to promote science and research in the fulfilment of tasks arising from the expulsion and the integration of displaced persons and refugees, as well as the development of the cultural achievements of displaced persons and refugees. The Federal Government reports annually to the Bundestag on the activities undertaken. (Quelle: Bundesinstitut für Kultur und Geschichte der
Deutschen im östlichen Europa)


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