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The books in our library are purely for reference and cannot be taken home. It is not necessary to make an appointment; just contact our reception desk in the entrance area if you would like to visit the library.


To arrange special appointments call us on weekdays on +49 (0) 4131-759950 or e-mail us.


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Buecherregale im Museum

Our library includes over 15000 titles (as of March 2010). Magazines and periodicals are registered as one title only. The main focus is on publications about East- and West Prussia, the German-Baltic settlement areas, the Teutonic order, the history of East Prussia, and the issues of the integration and conservation of the cultural identity of the displaced people after 1945. Biographies, prose and lyricism by people, authors, and poets who had their home in East and West Prussia constitute an important part of the library. 


The foundation of the library already took place prior to the foundation of the "Ostpreußisches Landesmuseum" in 1987, as, in addition to the collection of the "Ostpreußisches Jagdmuseum" (East Prussian Hunting Museum), a substantial number of books on regional studies, hunting and forestry, agriculture, and horse breeding had been amassed.


Since then, all titles associated with the history and the regional studies of East Prussia or reference works are steadily being collected. Only a small part of the library consists of actual acquisitions such as, for example, the purchase of the Lindemann collection- including around 2,000 titles- in 1970, 1977, and 1986. The main part is made up of donations as the library has no budget on its own.


The library is mainly used for reference by the staff of the Ostpreußisches Landesmuseum. The collection has been organised on the basis of the "Bibliographie zur Geschichte Ost- und Westpreußens" (Bibliography of the history of East and West Prussia) by Ernst Wermke.


The whole library of the Ostpreußisches Landesmuseum is registered with the library program Allegro – C. Its stock is easily accessible online.


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